What’s In My Travel Bag Right Now

As a professional athlete, a big part of my job involves traveling for matches and tournaments. And depending on the time of year, it can get crazy so I’ve really had to develop a productive and efficient packing routine. 

When I started traveling for work again recently, I realized that I had to update my travel essentials. Along with my usual personal items and supplies for Olympia, I added a few new essentials so that I can keep myself and everyone around me as safe as possible. 


These are my current travel bag essentials:

- Masks - my current faves are the Silhouette ‘S’ Logo Masks. They come in a 2-pack so I always have an extra one, just in case. 

- Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes - so important for good hygiene.

- Water bottle - I take hydration very seriously, and never go anywhere without a water bottle.

- Headphones -  noise-cancelling ones are the best for tuning everything out.

- Neck pillow - for those important in-flight naps.

- Personal items - I always travel with my Moana blanket and a small stuffed monkey named Max, which might be a silly part of my travel routine, but it makes me feel like I have a piece of home with me.

- Tote bag - a lightweight and roomy one fits all of the above (and sometimes more!).

For travel outfits, I can always throw on a sweatshirt and leggings and go. If I’m in the mood to elevate my travel look, I’ll wear my S by Serena gaiter dress because  it’s super comfortable and easy for travel (AND has a built in mask!).

What’s in YOUR travel bag?

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