Baking With Olympia


It’s amazing what kids (and quarantine) will get you to baking. Baking has never been my strength and I’ve just never had the time to spend on it. But since I’ve been home the past year more than I ever have before, I’ve really leveled up my baking skills. 

Seeing everyone else in the world baking their own fresh bread inspired and motivated me to try it myself. I worked really hard on my home-made baguettes, and even though they didn’t come out great at first, I kept at it (the key is to never give up!). Now, I can proudly say that I know how to make my very own baguettes. Even delicious, beautiful, gluten-free ones.

From bread, I moved on to cinnamon rolls - one of the most delicious foods in the world (in my humble opinion). I discovered a hack for getting heavy cream into the rolls evenly- use a baby bottle! Genius, right? It’s definitely one of the most unexpected benefits of #momlife, but it’s seriously the perfect tool for getting the liquid into the center of the rolls and not spilling out everywhere. Unconventional and weird, I know, but you know what? When you try my perfect cinnamon rolls, I’ll be the last one laughing. ;)

The biggest upside of baking is definitely getting to spend that time with Olympia. Now that she’s older, Olympia’s becoming such a great baking assistant and it’s been more and more fun to bake together. Seeing her enjoy our creations was definitely the sweetest thing for me last year.

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