Why Sisterhood is Important to Me

Growing up with four older sisters has taught me *a lot* about sisterhood. We wear each other’s clothes, tease each other, and give each other really good advice. Most importantly, we love each other unconditionally. Ok, sometimes it comes with conditions, but never for very long.

My sisters are the only people in the world who know exactly what it’s like to grow up in our family. We understand each other on a deeper level because of our shared experiences, and that makes our sisterhood special. We keep each other grounded, no matter where life takes us, and always cheer each other on. My sisters are my best friends, my confidantes, and they have been my biggest supporters from the start. I couldn’t imagine living my life without them.

Sisterhood also includes sisters from another mother, aka girlfriends. These are the sisters that I chose for myself, at different stages of my life. My girlfriends encourage me to learn and grow, to be the best person and friend that I can be. They constantly inspire me with their achievements and contributions to the world, big and small. And I know I can lean on them for advice, support, and laughter anytime.

To me, sisterhood is a circle of women who lift each other up on the foundation of their own love and strength. I’ve been fortunate to have many sisters in my life who are all of these things for me. Sisterhood gives me strength, and my life is so much richer because of it.

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