Date-Night-In Ideas

You know I love a good date I wanted to share three date-nights-in activities my husband and I have been enjoying during quarantine. I hope they spark some ideas for fun date-nights-in for you and your own partner, even after quarantine!

Homemade-Dinner (or Dessert)

I think shared experiences really connect people, especially when there’s food involved. Date-night-in is the perfect time to try out a new recipe. If it turns out well, you’ve got a delicious home-cooked meal to eat together. If not, well, at least you spent some time making something together. And if cooking’s not your thing, you can always make dessert instead - whether it’s baking (my favorite, of course) or making another type of treat (chocolate truffles, anyone?), it’s a sweet way to hang out with someone you love.

Game Night

By game night, I really mean any type of game you like to play - board games, card games, video games, puzzles, charades, etc. In my case, not surprising to anyone who knows me, it would have to be karaoke and dancing. I’m pretty serious about my karaoke but it helps that, unlike other kinds of games, I usually don’t get too competitive about it so it’s more fun for the people I’m singing with. Note that I said “usually,” but I can’t make any guarantees. Playing a game together usually leads to laughing, and laughing together is one of the best things. As adults, we really don’t have many opportunities to enjoy each other’s company in that purely fun way, so it’s great to make it a date-night-in activity.

Netflix and...Popcorn

There are so many great shows and movies available out there, but with full-time jobs, kids, pets, multiple side hustles (you get the picture), Alexis and I usually just don’t have time to sit down together and watch something that we want to watch. If anything these days, we’re watching a lot of what my mini-me wants to watch! I’m not complaining, though, because you know I love my Disney, but sometimes it’s good to balance it out with some grown-up content. Marvel movies and anything fashion-related are my jam. If I’m in a good mood, I might let Alexis pick what we watch...but only if he brings the popcorn. Because you just gotta have popcorn with a movie!


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